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  • Raspberry Cheesecake Brownies

Raspberry Cheesecake Brownies


  • 1 Package Shawnee Mills Brownies
  • 1 Egg
  • 3 Tablespoons Oil
  • 1 Tablespoons Water
  • 4 Ounce Cream Cheese, softened
  • 1/3 Cup Raspberry Jam
Raspberry Sauce
  • 1 12 Ounce Package Frozen Raspberries
  • 1/3 Cup Sugar
  • 1 Tablespoon Cornstarch



Preheat oven to 350°.

Prepare Shawnee Mills Brownies as directed; set aside. 

In a medium browl, stir together cream cheese and raspberry jam. Drop by spoonfuls onto the prepared brownies, then swirl.  Bake as directed, adding an additional 4 minutes to bake time.   Cool Completely.  Serve on plate drizzled with raspberry sauce.

Raspberry Sauce

In a small sauce pan, combine all of the ingredients and brin to a boil over medium-high heat.  Cook until the berries have broken down about 5 minutes.  You can use the sauce now if you don't mind the seeds; strain sauce if seedless if preferred.  Cool completely, store in squeezable plastic bottle.

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