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Calf Scramble

The Program & Sponsors

During the PRCA Rodeos held at the 2016 Tulsa State Fair, FFA & 4-H members had the chance to “catch a calf.” Ten lucky winners received an $800.00 certificate to use towards a purchase of an animal to show at the 2017 Tulsa State Fair. The goal of the Calf Scramble is for exhibitors to gain knowledge about the care of animals. Exhibitors will learn animal husbandry, time management, and even financial responsibility. Participants have up until May 1, to locate and purchase an aminal. Each participant is responsible for sending monthly progress and expense reports to the Calf Scramble Committee.  

This program allows youth who are unable to purchase an animal on their own the opportunity to show at the Tulsa State Fair. Thank you to the sponsors of the 2016 - 2017 Calf Scramble!

We hope you enjoy reading the monthly progress reports.  These students are excited and appreciative to have the opportunity to show a heifer at the 2017 Tulsa State Fair!

Monthly Reports

April 2017 Reports
Kolby Cundiff Perkins-Tryon FFA

On Friday, April 21st, I started my 2017 goat adventure. My original plan with the calf scramble voucher was to get a dairy heifer to show and to breed. I still show dairy, but decided I didn’t want to get another one, because I already have two. This past fall I wanted to get a goat for the spring show, just to see if I would like to show them.

I had really good luck at the local and county shows! I won showmanship in my age division and made it to the premium sale. Not only did I have good luck, I really enjoyed them. To me, they are like a dog, you can run and play with them and it’s always funny when they try to eat your clothes. They are also very cute, even when they get older. 

With all the fun and luck I had, I made an executive decision to get a goat with my calf scramble voucher. I went to a wether sale at Pfeiffer Farms in Orlando, OK. They are a local show goat breeder. We were referred to this breeder by our cousins, who also raise and show goats. I got to bid on him myself and was so excited when I had the final bid. He cost $1200, but thanks to the calf scramble sponsors, I only had to pay 400 dollars out of my pocket. 

He is a brown and white goat. He is brown from the shoulders up with the exception of a white spot on the right side if his head. He also has a brown spot on his front left leg and his back right leg.  We didn’t bring a trailer to the sale that night, so we had to wait to pick him up the next day. I had a 4-H speech contest the next morning and couldn’t wait to get done, so I could go get my new goat. When we arrived we loaded him up in an oversized pet taxi.  The Pfeiffer family said that goats will eat and grow better if they have a friend, so they sent a doe goat home with us to raise with him. We really thanked them and they wished us luck and we were on our way home with two goats. 

When we arrived home we started building a pen. We made it narrow so they could be easily caught. We put an old dog house in the pen for when it rains. We put a panel over top of the house so they couldn’t jump on top of it and break it. I wanted to get them named and I decided on Bonnie and Clyde. Before I even start on walking and bracing Clyde, I have to get him friendly. I put feed in my hand and slowly try to pet him when he comes close to eat it. Every day I get off the bus I go in the pen and sit. I have a stump that I sit on every day. Clyde is getting more friendly, but Bonnie is still pretty spooky. I can now go and pet him gently. The best place to pet him is behind the ears. Sometimes he will chew on my sweatshirt. I change their water every day and feed them. 

We feed him a pound of Showrite feed, twice a day. I can already tell he is growing.  The other day I went out and did some homework with him. I almost had to tell my teacher that my goat ate my homework. I can already tell he is going to be a little ornery, but I like the goats like that. I can’t wait to see what this next month may bring. I can already tell I’ll be walking him by my next report. 

Thank you sponsors!

Genevieve Russel – Crescent 4-H
Dear Sponsors,

I am happy to report to you that I purchased a Milking Shorthorn heifer on April 14.  Her name is Kitty.  I don’t know her registered name yet, as I haven’t received the papers in the mail.  My Ag teacher traveled to Rosebud, Arkansas to Rosebud Farms to pick her out.  Her purchase price was $1350.  She is mostly red in color with some white markings.

Mr. Strain and his family milk over 400 cows.  The main breeds he has are Milking Shorthorns, Ayrshires, Jerseys, and Holsteins.  Kitty was born in September of 2016.  She is already weaned and eating feed as well as hay.  I am currently halter breaking her.  

My first show will be in June.  I am really looking forward to showing Kitty.  She is coming around with the halter breaking, but I know I still have many hours of working with her on getting her showring ready.  

For now, we have built a small pen with a shed that was already at my farm.  Ms. Jennings has told me that we will need to expand the pen once she has tamed down.  I also purchased my first 500 pounds of feed from Livestock Nutrition Center.  The Crescent dairy exhibitors have a ration mixed there specifically for dairy cattle.  Kitty has taken to the new feed and is eating about seven pounds per day.  I also am offering her free choice hay. 

I’m very excited about having my new heifer and look forward to sending you reports on her monthly.  Thank you again for being a generous sponsor for the Tulsa State Fair Calf Scramble.


Genevieve Russell 

Merideth Behrens  Colbert FFA
The proceeds from the Tulsa Calf Scramble I used to purchase Lot 1, Sull Mystic Jalynn 6691d, a dual registered Shorthorn Plus/Chianina heifer that will be a great addition to my own purebred Shorthorn cow/calf operation.  I purchased my show heifer from Sullivan Farms on March 19 from Willouby online sales.  I made arrangements to have my heifer delivered to Madill, Ok and I picked her up on March 24th.  Loading her on the trailer in Madill, she was quite stirred up and was very nervous. Once we got her to the barn, we weighed her and she weighed 615 lbs. on March 24th.  I pushed her to the breaking pen where she called home for the next two weeks.  

After a couple days of letting her calm down and get settled into her new home, I started the halter breaking process.   I figured she would be very difficult to halter break given she was very wild when I picked her up.  I loaded her in the working chute and placed a rope halter on her to drag.  I then placed her back in her breaking pen and tied her to the panel.  I was quite surprised she didn’t fight to be tied. I would leave her tied up with her head up while I worked around the barn, when I left the barn I would tie her low so she could lay down.  After a couple of weeks of tying her I decided to try and rub her belly with the show stick.  She didn’t budge or kick at it. She liked it and it really did help in the halter breaking process.   I took a deep breath and grabbed the end of the rope and pulled the knot loose.  She didn’t budge it was like we were both holding our breath to see who was going to give in first.  My heifer looked at me and I looked at her and she decided she wanted to enter the rodeo as a rank bull.  I held on tight, kept my cool, and spoke to her with a confident tone that she knew I was the boss.  Within 10 minutes of feeling like I was a bullfighter she chilled out and let me hold the halter as well as rub her belly.  We had to build a trust relationship, it had to start with my heifer knowing I was in control and I wasn’t going to be a threat to her.  Within a week of our rodeo and after a long week of practicing setting up, going to the wash rack every night, and long evenings of spending time together we were ready to hit a jackpot show.  

On April 8th, I took my heifer to her first show, the Van Zandt County Fair in Canton, Texas.  The morning of the jackpot I was a tad bit worried she would have the reckless attitude she did the day I picked her up.  She proved me wrong and she was show ready. She really showed me she was a team player and she had a desire to win, just like me.  She walked into the show ring with class, she kept her head up, and practically walked into show profile on her own.  She did not bobble once, this made showing her so smooth and easy.  There were five other heifers her age in our class that were equally as good as Mystic Jalynn.  The judge had us walk the circle 3 times and set up each time. Once again she was amazing. Then it happened, the judge picked us to win our class, he then chose us as Shorthorn Plus Breed Champion.  We fell short in the Supreme Drive to a heavy bred Simmental  (that rightfully deserved to win). I did not let that get me down and I certainly did not want her to feel like I was disappointed in her. I rubbed her neck and scratched her ears and told her how proud I was of her. 

Since that jackpot,  Mystic  Jalynn and I practice daily. She is on a great routine and has acclimated to our good ole Oklahoma climate.  She has a great appetite for the show heifer feed ration.   I weighed her on 5/3/17 and she weighed in at 697 lbs., with an average daily gain of 2 lbs./day. I anticipate her daily gain will go down with our warmer temperature approaching.    I am absolutely in LOVE with my heifer.  I have the Calf Scramble Sponsors and the Tulsa State Fair and Rodeo to thank for giving me the additional money to purchase the next Supreme Grand Champion…

Trey Reece Perkins-Tryon FFA
After a long search I finally found a heifer.  Her name is Kanika.  I purchased her at the Oklahoma State Holstein Sale in Stillwater, OK during the Southern National Holstein and Jersey Show.  She was consigned by the University of Missouri.  Her sire is Maple-Downs-IG Atwood, he is a Holstein bull known for his ability to produce show cattle.  Atwood is sired by Braedale Goldwyn; he has sired more All-Americans than any other Holstein bull.  Kanika’s mother is U-MD Durable Kayla-Red.  She is sired by Ronnelee Durable.  Kanika has an excellent pedigree.  She is bred to gender selected Mr. Apples Diamondback.  Her calf is due October 25th.  Kanika seems to be very gentle.  She led onto the trailer well.  She is currently on wheat pasture with other cattle.  I can walk out into the middle of the field and she comes running. I feel certain she is going to be easy to handle and show.  



February 2017 Reports

Trey Reece – Perkins-Tryon 4-H
I truly enjoyed my night at the rodeo.  My best friend and I were both chosen to compete.  We had fun sitting in our box seats at the rodeo together.  It was really awesome to get introduced in the arena in front of everybody.

I am pretty sure the calves were Brahman crosses.  They were very fast.  I was hoping for something like a Jersey.  I am thankful for the rodeo clowns and staff for helping me corner the calf I caught.  Once I caught it dragging it was not too bad.  I was the first to the circle.  I cheered my best friend on, hoping he would catch a calf too.  He was the very last one to get to the circle.  It was hard to not help him. As we watched the rest of the rodeo many strangers congratulated us. 

I am extremely glad we both get to do this program together. We plan on showing our heifers together at local, county and state shows.  

Thank you so much for sponsoring this program. I can't wait to find a new heifer to purchase and show.  I enjoy showing at Tulsa State Fair with my friends.  We always have a great time.  Your sponsorship is greatly appreciated.

Kolby Cundiff – Perkins-Tryon FFA
Thank you for donating money to the Tulsa State Fair Calf Scramble.  I will use the money wisely to buy a dairy heifer that I can show for an FFA project.  It will help prepare me for my future agricultural career possibilities.  I am looking for a dairy heifer to add to the two heifers I already own and show.  

One of my best friends and I both competed in the contest.  We both caught a calf.  We enjoyed being able to do the calf scramble together and attending the rodeo.   We look forward to showing our new heifers together at the Tulsa State Fair.  

I hope you continue to donate to this program so that other 4-H and FFA members can have this awesome experience. Thanks again for making this opportunity possible. 

Bryan Kile – Nowata FFA
Hello, my name is Bryan Kile and I would like to thank all of the people who sponsored the Calf Scramble at the Tulsa State Fair. Your contribution to the calf scramble has helped many kids out, including me on purchasing a show project. If it wasn’t for you guys, the calf scramble wouldn’t be possible and kids wouldn’t get to experience all of the thrills that come along with learning how to take care of and show your animal!

With the $800.00 certificate from the calf scramble I was able to purchase a Chi heifer. She is black with a white belly and one little white dot on her forehead. She was born on June 20th, 2016.  Her Sire is ECAX Final Act 2834Z and her Dam is ECAX  Chopper/Diva 4971. 

I am ready to get her out and see what she can do! She will be really competitive once I can get her eating good, she only weighs 500 pounds right now but is starting to gain day by day.
Once again I would like to say thank you for helping me out on the purchase of my new show heifer!

Tomi Fullerton – Sequoyah FFA
I would like to thank all of the sponsors of the calf scramble at the 2016 Tulsa State Fair. The money that I have received has helped my buy a simmental heifer for the upcoming Tulsa State Fair in 2017. She is doing great! Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

Ashlynn Vargas – Pryor 4-H
I would like to take this time to thank you for the opportunity to be a part of the 2016 calf scramble. I would plan to use the money to buy a new show heifer that I will show at the Tulsa State fair, and then add to my herd.

Abbigayle Vargas – Pryor FFA
Thank you to all the sponsors who allowed me this opportunity to compete in the calf scramble. With this I am going to purchase a show heifer that I can show at the 2017 Tulsa State Fair and hopefully do well with. It was a great experience and I want to thank you again for this opportunity.

July 2016 Reports

Adam Erickson - Haskell FFA

This month has been slow and hot. Trying to battle the heat to keep Diva cool. By rinsing her every day and putting her under fans to grow more hair for Tulsa State Fair. I had to back Diva off her feed a little bit because Diva was getting to fat and pushing the other heifer away from the feed. Diva likes her feed. I decided to separate Diva from the other heifer, because she was eating too much and not letting the other heifer eat.  I am ready to take her to my county show in September to get her out and see how she reacts to things and not freak out. So when I take her to Tulsa State Fair hopefully she will be fine. But I am looking forward to bring Diva to Tulsa this year and bring her back to Tulsa State Fair next year for her last show.


Monthly Expense: $86.40


Marissa Jennings - Adair FFA

This has been a very hot and busy month for both Addie and me. I don't think I mentioned it, but even though I named my heifer Adelina, her real registered name is SS Debs 966.  Adelina fits her lots better.  First off, we didn't catch her in time to A-I her the first week of July.  So she is visiting in Stillwater in order to, hopefully, get her bred this cycle.  I expect her back any day.  We took her and several other dairy animals to the Sooner State Dairy Show, July 21-July 23.  It was really hot on those days, and that made it hard on the animals and everyone, but we made it.  There was a total of 22 Brown Swiss heifers that showed, so some good ones.  Addie showed in the Summer Yearling class and won 3rd place.  The judge commented that she liked her breed characteristics, but she would like more width between the pins.  I was really proud of the way she showed and and how well she acted in both showing and getting her washed and clipped for showing.  I 'm still feeding her about 1 1/4 cans of  20% creep and all the hay she wants each day.

My school begins August 11, so I know this is going to be another busy month.  Our Mayes County Fair is September 8-12.  That isn't very far off, so I know there will be more work to do.  I am hoping Addie does really good in this show.  It won't be long until Tulsa State Fair!

Monthly Expense: $45.80


Reid Kile - Nowata 4-H
July has been a hot month!  I have been wetting my heifer down so that she stays  cooler.  We haven’t gone to any shows.  I have been preparing for Coffeyville in the meantime.  


This past week we loaded all of our heifers and steers up and took them to the vet to get their health papers.  We also took a blood sample to SEK Genetics and found out that Butter is bred.  We AI’D her on June 13 so she is due to calve on March 21st, 2017.


We have had to change her feed up a bit.  Right now she is getting 3 scoops of Full Range, 2 scoops of Fat Calf, 1 scoop of oats, ½ of a cup of Powerfuel, and a cup of Surechamp.  She gets this twice a day.  If she eats all of that then I will give her more Full Range.  She is weighing in at 1095 pounds.  


 I cannot wait to show her at Tulsa!  


Monthly Expense: $174.20


Jared Nicholson – Skiatook FFA
July has been a busy month for me.  So I have been getting up early in the morning to workout Zeke.  He is beginning to look better and gained enough weight that I am able to start treading him on the treadmill three times a week.  I plan on showing him at the end of the month at the Tulsa County Free Fair.   


Monthly Expense: $110.00


Samantha Pearce - Porum FFA

The month of July was great with Mavis. I'm still working with her, and she's still doing terrific. She's growing so quickly which gets me excited. Her hair is coming back slowly but surely which also gets me excited, just knowing that show season is right around the corner. Ready to see Mavis take on the ring this coming fall!


Monthly Expense: $122.75


Dalton Sisson - Weatherford FFA
Since the last report I have changed heifers.  Behrie was having back troubles, so the vendor traded calves out with me. The new calf is named Moonshine.  She was very easy to break and was in the barn within a few days of first putting a halter on her.  I will be taking her to several small town fairs in the next couple months and working with her every day. She has a lot of hair and seems to be growing more and more each day.  She is a neat designed heifer that is real feminine fronted and extremely sound.  I wash and dry her in the mornings and she stays in front of the port a cools during the day, then rinse her in the evenings.  I am looking forward to getting her in the show ring to see how she gets along.  I practice sticking on her every other evening, to help prepare her for the ring and she does a pretty good job of setting herself up by now.  I think she will do extremely well in the show ring. 


Monthly Expense: $146.94


Hunter Suntken - Sequoyah FFA

It's been another great month with my calf scramble pig. My gilt has continued to grow and look better and better each day. She has also stayed healthy and continued to eat through this hot summer. This next month I will be going to my first show with her for this show year. I can't wait to see how well she does and how I can continue to work with her to make her a better show gilt. 

June 2016 Reports

Adam Erickson - Haskell FFA
In my last report I said I was going to Chickasha, well things came up again and I didn't get to go. Because Diva was the only one going and it was going to be hot and didn't want to take one calf down to Chickasha. But the next week I took diva to McPeak's cattle camp to get her out and see how she would react to the trailer ride and all of the noise . Then I clipped her and fitted her and she react with no problem at all.I was glad that she didn't blow up or act stupid so I was pretty happy. After that I have been working with Diva and trying to get all the red hair off my black animal. I am looking forward to taking her to some shows to get her out to see what people say and were she might place at the show . When I get her to Tulsa I am hopping that when Tulsa rolls around she will be ready for the show and for  people to see her. Hope by this fall when shows roll around,  she will have the show life down so when I take her to Tulsa she will be happy,content, she will eat, and cooperate for me at Tulsa and for future  shows.

Monthly Expense: $86.40

Marissa Jennings - Adair FFA
This month, Addie has been doing quite well.  She's a year old now, and we are watching her in order to breed her this month.  I had her TB tested at the end of last month before we took her and five other cattle to 4-State Dairy Show at Bentonville, Arkansas.  This was Addie's first show, and I was nervous about how she would act.  Thankfully, she acted really well when I washed, clipped and did her top line for the show.  I washed and clipped six cattle on Saturday.  That was a job!  On Sunday, the actual show took place.  Since there was no Brown Swiss class, she showed in the Commercial heifer class.  She won 1st in her class!  She went back in for champion, but I won the commercial champion with another heifer.  I was proud of the way Addie showed at Bentonville.       

Even though 4-State doesn't pay much, it was really nice experience.  Now, in July, we are getting ready for Sooner State in Stillwater.  Summer is a really busy time for me!

Monthly Expense: $320.60

Reid Kile - Nowata 4-H
June has been a slow month.  I didn’t go to any shows.  We bred Butter on June 13th to the bull “Sweet Baby James”. Butters eye is back to normal finally after hitting it on the L bracket that is on the chute.

I just got back from vacation with my family.  We went to Cheyenne, Wyoming first and then stopped to see the Oregon Trail ruts and then on to see Fort Laramie.  After that we drove up to South Dakota to see Mount Rushmore, Deadwood, and then stayed in Sioux Falls.   It was a blast.   We got back Saturday, July 2nd.  I am back to doing regular chores now.

I have been bringing in the steers and heifers so that I can wet them down, tie them up, and put them under the fans to grow hair.  I wet them down 3 times a day to keep them wet.  We are preparing for the Coffeyville fair and rodeo that is in August.

Monthly Expense: $137.20

Jared Nicholson – Skiatook FFA
June has been a rough month for Zeke.  He developed kidney stones and had to make a trip to the vet.  Thankfully he pulled through, but we have a lot of work to do to get his conditioning back.  I have been able to start practicing with him again and he is beginning to look better. Hopefully July will not be quite as eventful.  I am looking forward to showing him in the upcoming show season.

Monthly Expense: $340.00

Samantha Pearce - Porum FFA
June has been a wonderful month.  I’ve been continuously working with Mavis, and she’s doing great.  Cattle camp went great and I actually won my showmanship.  We have upped Mavis’s feed to 25 pounds instead of 12 ½.  Soon we will be putting her in the cool room to regrow the hair she’s lost over the humid summer.  Throughout the next month I plan on continuing my work with her, and bettering not only her, but me.  Still excited to see how the fall show season will go with her!

Monthly Expense: $99.75

Dalton Sisson - Weatherford FFA
It’s been an interesting month with Behrie.   We took her to American Junior Simmental Regionals and she didn’t do that well.  However, it was good experience for her.  She just needs to develop more, but unfortunately she had some troubles this past month.  A bull got in the lot with her and rode her and now her back is hurt.  I leave my calf at the farm of the vendor I purchased her from and go out twice a day and work her hair and lead her around.  The vendor called and asked if it would be ok if she traded me another calf out.  So we will be working on trading her out, however, for now, I am still working with Behrie.  I will update you as soon as we get the calves switched out.  I wash and blow Behrie each morning and put her under the port a cools, and then go back in the evening and rinse her. She did great in the ring at AJSA, but now with her back problems, the vendor and I think that she is going to have problems for awhile now.  We had her registered for AJSA Nationals in Des Moines this next week, but aren’t going to be able to take her now.  

Monthly Expense: $142.20

Hunter Suntken - Sequoyah FFA
Another great month with my gilt. She has continued to eat well and grow. This month I took my gilt to a swine clinic at my school. She did pretty good for her first time in the ring. But there is definitely room for improvement with her. So this next month I'll continue to work hard with her and continue to get her ready for the show ring. I'm really excited to take to her actual show. Overall I've been pretty pleased so far on how she is growing and working in the ring. Again thanks to all my supporters.

May 2016 Reports

Cassidy Bronson - Sequoyah FFA
This past month has gone pretty steady. I have not yet picked out a name for him so I just call him by his ear tag number. My lamb is growing at a really fast pace. He is already weighing 120 pounds. I work my lamb everyday and he is starting to get the hang of what it will be like to be in the show ring. Since he is growing so fast I plan on trying to find some summer jackpot shows to take him to see how he will react to his surroundings and how he will place. The work I have put in with my lamb is fun but it can have its challenges as well. I cannot wait for this show season to begin and see what my whether will bring to the table.

Monthly Expense: $78.90

Colton Bronson - Sequoyah FFA
During the month of May my pig has grown a lot since the first couple month I've had her. I've started washing her and she seems like she likes it and enjoys playing in the water. Her hair and skin are beginning to look very good. I still brush her every morning and night. We are becoming good friends and she is fun to play with. The work is still work but it is neither fun nor hard so I'm not complaining. Thank you again for the opportunity and I can't wait for the 2016 show season to begin.

Monthly Expense: $75.50

Adam Erickson - Haskell FFA
I was planning on going to Claremore in my last report but something came up so I didn't go. But I am planning on taking her to Cattlemens in Chickasha next week.  To see how Diva stacks up to other Black Angus heifers.  Plus the more I can get her out before the fall shows, will help us prepare for Tulsa.

So I have kept working with her hair so it will cooperate when I get her to shows. Washing her and messing with her with a show stick so when she goes into the show ring she will setup right. I got her feet trimmed last week so we can get her to walk right and correct so she does not have problems walking in the future. Diva got a trailer ride under her belt so she could figure out that the trailer isn't scary.

She has started losing her winter hair and her summer hair is starting to come up. I have been trying to get more air flow through the barn so I can grow more hair through the summer. She has been getting an attitude lately so I have been having to work through it and you can not get mad at her or she gets worse so it has been an exciting month working with her. 

Monthly Expense: $89.28

Marissa Jennings - Adair FFA
This month, Addie has progressed quite a bit.  We halter, tie up, walk, and set up with her every day. She is finally getting the hang of things, but she does like to fight me a little. Addie has gotten really big in the last few months, so we have cut her feed back. We feed her just one can of 20% creep feed and she gets let out to get hay and water throughout the day.  We plan to take Addie and all of my other heifers to Bentonville, Ar. June 4th and 5th for the 4-State Dairy Show! We had to have them TB tested this past week, and they did fine.  Addie will be a year old next month, and we plan to breed her then. In the next report I will try to send pictures and results of the Bentonville show.

Monthly Expense: $45.42

Reid Kile - Nowata 4-H
May has been a busy month.  It seems like we always think things will slow down once school is out but there I always something to be done.  I was really sick the first two weeks of May .  During that time there was a show in Columbus, Kansas.  I really wanted to show Butter but didn’t have the strength or energy to do it.  My older brother was able to show her for me so that she didn’t miss out.  She ended up getting first in her class!
Once Columbus was over we stayed home for three weeks.  She has continued to gain weight and has now been cut back on feed a little.  She is weighing in at 1060.  With all of the rain we have had she has been washed three times this month.  We did finish our wash rack so that will help out a lot.  
Last weekend was the Dean McKee Memorial jackpot show in our hometown.  This year they had 99 entries which is the biggest turnout they have had so far.  Out of that 99, I believe 67 were heifers and the rest steers.  Butter did well in her class and got 2nd place out of 5.  She hit her eye on an L bracket on the clipping chute so we are doctoring that right now.  

Monthly Expense: $185.92

Jared Nicholson – Skiatook FFA
May has been the first month that I have owned my lamb.  I named him Zeke, he is one of the calmest lambs I have ever owned.  Since I am out for summer break I have begun to set up a daily routine of setting up and bracing my lamb.  I will continue to train him all summer.  I am looking forward to showing him in the up coming show season.

Monthly Expense: $80.00

Samantha Pearce - Porum FFA
The month of May has been a pretty slow month. I am back in the routine of working daily with Mavis and beginning to grow hair again. She is still lacking the hair I wish she would have, but we're making progress. We cut back her feed to half of what she was getting previously. I am going to McPeak's Be A Champ Camp in the next week to better my showmanship and other needed skills. My hopes are with my camp coming up that it will get her more used to the ring, the constant people, and being worked with most of the day. I'm overly excited to see how things will turn out, and can't wait to get her in the ring!

Monthly Expense: $61.88

Dalton Sisson - Weatherford FFA
It’s been an extremely busy month, and end of school year, with lots of livestock judging and other activities, I’ve finally gotten Behrie used to the normal routine of working hair twice a day.  Behrie is continuing to grow and developing nicely.  She eats 8 lbs of a special ground mixed feed, twice a day.  Behrie has a mind of her own when it comes to leading her to the wash bay every day.  She is getting better, but still wants to be a pistol on some days.  Her structure is still lacking in some areas, but excels in others.  She has a long way to go, but I am anxious to get her to American Junior Simmental Regionals in Stillwater in the next couple weeks.  I think it will be good to see how she works in the ring for me.  We will be also going to Des Moines in July, so the next couple months will be good training and experience for her in the show ring and show atmosphere.  

Monthly Expense: $142.20

Hunter Suntken - Sequoyah FFA
This has been my first full month with my new gilt. I've been working with every day for at least 10 minutes. I've already started to see improvements in her. She has also been eating very well. This month I also wormed her. Overall my new gilt has been a very happy and healthy pig. I would like to thank all the calf scramble supporters once again for this great opportunity. 

April 2016 Reports

Cassidy Bronson - Sequoyah FFA
April being the first full month for having my lamb, I’ve wormed him, gave him his overeat shot, and started working with him more. Every day I either tie him up or work him by rubbing all over his body and picking and setting his legs in the appropriate places. When I work with my lamb I work with him for 10-15 minutes to get them used to being in the show ring. I clean his pen every weekend to help get all the nasty manure out of the pen. By using proper cleaning methods, it will help reduce chance of getting foot rot, ring worm, or wool fungus. I am looking forward to being able to bond more with my animal as show season approaches. 

Monthly Expense: $58.00

Colton Bronson - Sequoyah FFA
I went and looked at pigs on March 24th. My mom and I went to Holschulte Farms in Miami, Oklahoma. My mom and I decided on a cross gilt. She was on an online sale on April 3rd so we had to bid on her, after 4 hours we finally got the gilt we were after. We went and got her on the evening of April 4th. Before we could put her in her pen, I had to wash the pen with soap and water. I named her Wheezy, off the sitcom "The Jefferson's". Since I've brought her home I have walked, brushed, and played with her daily. We have bonded quite a bit in just this short amount of time. She has already started walking with her head up and growing at a steady rate. I walk her every evening for 10-15 minutes. I have started using a pig bat so she will be use to it in the show ring. Every night I brush her no matter what the time may be or the weather conditions. I use a special spray blend for her hair and skin. The spray conditions her skin so it will not be dry, the spray also makes her hair shine. When I go out and feed her she rubs against my legs or chews on my boots, I feel like when she does those things she is getting more comfortable with me. I feed Wheezy a mixture of feed so I need to make sure to mix it well. I am looking forward to watching Wheezy grow in the future and also waiting patiently for this show season to begin! 

Monthly Expense: $78.00

Adam Erickson - Haskell FFA
So on April 10 I left at 6:00 in the morning and got to Rolla, Missouri at 11:00 a.m. and I met the guy I bought my heifer from Bob Bock. So we backed the trailer back to back and pushed theheifer over.  Bob gave me semen to breed her to when it is time to breed her. Then when I got her home that night she went into the show pen to start getting feed. So I could start getting guts and fat on her so I could get her ready for up coming shows.  

I started putting her in every weekend to get her broke and start working with her.  Giving her a bath and working with her hair. She needed to learn how to be lead out in the open and practice setting her feet.  Getting her to set her feet right, is a little challenge.  She is a slow learner on placing her feet. So she would be used to it when I took her to shows.  I have been doing the same thing for the last three weeks getting her ready for a show coming up the first of May. I am just taking “Diva” to this show to get her out, to see how she does and  to start getting her used to  the trailer ride,  being in a new place and getting  her use to eatting at shows. So when I take her to Tulsa, County, Regional and OYE, she will be prepared and will look her best when I take her to these shows. Plus she won't be stressed and she will be a pro at going to shows.

Also get her to see what people think of her and see what the judges say about her then that will help to see if we need to change her feed or keep her feed the same and just keep pushing her to eat or maybe something the judge points out so maybe next time when you are fitting or clipping you can try to hide it if you can.    

Marissa Jennings - Adair FFA
This month has seen progress with getting ready to start summer dairy shows.  I don't know that Adelina will ever like being haltered, but she sure likes the contact after I get it on. This month I really started working on her "manners". She is pushy, but I've worked with heifers before, so I know that I'll have her ready.  I like to try to have my show heifers practically show themselves by the fall shows.  Addie has continued to grow and get to the point that we have really cut her feed back.  Within the past week we cut her to feeding once a day in the evenings.  We give her about 1 1/2 coffee cans of 20% creeper cubes.  That, along with all the green grass that's available, seems to be plenty. My cousin saw her this week and said she actually is not too fat.  With the warm weather coming up, its almost time to start washing and brushing.  Our first show is June 5-6, and I'd like to have her prepared for all the touching, washing, and clipping that she'll have then.  My school is out May 13, and I will have more heifers to work with after that, so it's going to be busy.  I'm anxious to see the results of the work.  I look forward to the shows!

Monthly Expense:  $84.09

Reid Kile - Nowata 4-H
April has been a slow month for me.  We only went to one show during the month of April.  This year was the first time that Coffeyville has offered a spring jackpot show.  Butter was in a commercial class of nine and she got 6th place.  She didn’t walk very well for me while we were in the ring.

On Saturday, May 7th, we will be going to a show in Oswego, Kansas.  I put her in the bigger pen and have been walking her more so that she gets plenty of exercise and hopefully doesn’t seem as stiff when I am showing her.  She would like to walk a lot faster than what we can in the ring so I have to hold her back.  Our county puts on a show every year called the Dean McKee Memorial, in honor of Dean Mckee.  It is always over Memorial weekend and there are lots of people from all over Oklahoma, Kansas, and we even had some from Missouri that came to it last year.  I will be taking Butter and my steers.  If there are any more jackpot shows nearby we will hit those also.  Now that school is almost out I will have a lot more time to work with her.

Monthly Expense: $157.95

Jared Nicholson – Skiatook FFA
I purchased a lamb from Deb Ott in April.  I bought him from one of her online sales.  I had to wait a few weeks before I could pick him up.  While I was waiting to pick up my lamb I cleaned out his pen.  Finally we were able to bring him home.  I started him on a feed regiment and I have also started to halter break him.  I am looking forward to summer break and spending more time training him.

Monthly Expense: $40.00

Dalton Sisson - Weatherford FFA
April has been a busy month, but I was finally able to get with the breeder and pick out a calf.  I’m excited to work with Behrie and make her into a great show calf.  I am anxious to try a new product on her hair that I had seen at the Denver Show.  I think it will really work nicely on her, so I will report back on it next month, once I receive it.   I have been going out to the barn before and after school to work hair each day and putting her under the porta cool during the morning and afternoon.  I’m really anxious to see how well she does and am so thankful for the opportunity given to me by the Tulsa State Fair. 

March 2016 Reports

Cassidy Bronson - Sequoyah FFA
I went and looked at sheep on March 5th, so my mom and I could decide which one we liked the best. The lamb we had our eyes on was an online sale and we had to bid on him on March 8th. After waiting 3 hours we finally got the lamb we were after. I had to wait 2 weeks before I could go and pick him up. Before I could pick him up I had to sanitize his pen so he wouldn't get sick. I had to clean out the old manure, wash out feed pans and water buckets with soap and water, and then I put fresh shavings in his pen. I finally got to go pick him up on March 25th. Once we got him home we started him on feed and lets him get settled in. To help him get used to me I set in the pen and rub allover his body and pick up and set his feet so he gets used to them being touched constantly. When it gets further into the month of April I will start working with him a little more than i already have. 

Adam Erickson - Haskell FFA
March has been a busy month looking for heifer for the calf scramble contest. I have not found a Red Angus or Shorthorn but I came across a good deal on an Angus heifer.  I bought that Angus heifer in Illinois and I am going to use her for the calf scramble project. My Dad and I are going to meet the breeder half way to pick it up meet him the middle of April. 

Reid Kile - Nowata 4-H
March was a fun month for me. On March 6th we went to a show in Oswego, KS.  Butter got 4th in her class.  I showed Butter on March 14th at OYE.  This was my first time to show there!  She got 12th out of nineteen.  We were in a really tough class but I was really happy with how we did being our first year.

At last weight check, Butter as weighing 900 pounds.  I have bumped her up on feed so that she will get fatter.  We bought a bale of alfalfa to feed to her to see if she will fill out more in the front.  She has been getting 7 flakes of hay a day.

We are going to build a cool room on our show barn so that she will grow more hair.  I tie Butter down as much as possible.  We bought a turbo fan to put on her for now.  I am working hair almost every day.

Monthly Expenses: $284.92

Samantha Pearce - Porum FFA
Hey it’s Samantha Pearce!  I have finally gotten myself a heifer bought. We purchased my heifer, Mavis, at the Oklahoma Youth Expo OCA Futurity Sale. She is a registered Chianina.  Her sire is Walks alone, who is percentage maintainer, chianina, and angus.  Her dam is Miss Nautilis, who is a registered chianina.  Mavis will be one on July 2nd.

Once we got her home we made sure to continue working as her former owners had done. This includes rinsing, walking, and leaving tied under fans.  She’s definitely come more aware of me, and she’s much more comfortable with me.  Within the past week I’ve been rinsing and shucking her hair off. The warmer weather has her shedding her shag extremely fast.  She’s probably one of the gentlest I’ve had at her age.  I’m extremely excited to see what this year has to bring with her. She’s extremely feminine throughout her front one third, and has a great spring of rib. She’s extremely flexible on the move, and is great structured.  We’re hoping to get her bred earlier than usual so that we can get her flank dropped.  She would look much better with a more maternal belly on her. 

I’m extremely optimistic about the things to come with her.  I am also so thankful for this experience. I recommend it to as many people as possible.  I know it’s definitely good for us on the expenses side.  It also gives me the opportunity to see just how much money will be put into the raising of my heifer.

Monthly Expenses: $62.52

January & February 2016 Reports

Marissa Jennings - Adair FFA
Hi, it's Marissa again.  I'm fifteen years old and in my second year of FFA at Adair, OK.  My calf is at my grandparent's near Pryor, OK.  Adelina, my heifer, just turned seven months old on the 28th.  She has really grown since she came two months ago.  I have continued to feed her 4 gallons of ampli-calf starter a day, along with all the hay that she wants.  We just started replacing about 1/2 gallon with dry beet pulp which may help increase her body depth.  My cousin, after looking at her recently, has said she doesn't need more feed than that since she is growing so well.  Since dairy heifers are judged differently than beef cattle, we don't want her to be too fat.

When the weather's nice, I try to walk "Addie" up and down the lane--about a quarter mile.  She is getting much easier to work with.  During our walks, I stop and work with her on setting up and patting or rubbing her body and head.  She really likes that, but doesn't initially like seeing the halter.  

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