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Fiddle Songs

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Tune Type Usual Key Contest Category
Ace of Spades Hoedown A Hoedown
Alfie's Hornpipe A Hoedown
Allentown Polka G Choice
Angeline the Baker Hoedown D Hoedown
Apple Blossom Hoedown D Hoedown
Arkansas Traveler Hoedown D Hoedown
Barlow Knife Hoedown G Hoedown
Beaumont Rag F Choice
Beautiful Skies Other A Choice
Big Taters in the Sandy Land Hoedown G Hoedown
Bill Cheatham Hoedown A Hoedown
Bill Sullivan's Polka A Choice
Billy in the Lowground Hoedown C Hoedown
Bitter Creek Hoedown G Hoedown
Black & White Rag G Choice
Blackberry Blossom Hoedown G Hoedown
Blue Flame Hoedown A Hoedown
Boil 'em Cabbage Down (Bile them...) Hoedown A Hoedown
Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine March D Choice
Bonaparte's Retreat Hoedown D Hoedown
Boogie Woogie Other D Choice
Boys of Blue Hill Hornpipe D Hoedown
Brilliancy Hoedown A Hoedown
Buck Fever Rag C Choice
Buffalo Gals Hoedown A Hoedown
Bunker Hill Other Gm Choice
Cattle in the Cane Hoedown Am Hoedown
Charmaine Swing A Choice
Cherokee Maiden Swing C Choice
Chicken Reel D Hoedown
Chinese Breakdown Hoedown C Hoedown
Cielito Lindo Other F Choice
Cindy Hoedown A Hoedown
Clarinet Polka G Choice
Climbing the Mountain Hoedown G Hoedown
Cold Frosty Morn Hoedown Am Hoedown
College Hornpipe Bb Hoedown
Colored Aristocracy Rag G Choice
Cotton Patch Rag C Choice
Cotton-Eyed Joe Hoedown A Hoedown
Cripple Creek Hoedown A Hoedown
Cuckoo's Nest Hoedown D Hoedown
Dew Drop Hoedown A Hoedown
Dill Pickles Rag G Choice
Don't Let the Deal Go Down Other G Choice
Done Gone Hoedown Bb Hoedown
Down Yonder Hoedown G Hoedown
Dusty Miller Hoedown A Hoedown
Dusty's Hornpipe A Hoedown
East Tennessee Blues C Choice
Ebeneezer Hoedown G Hoedown
Eighth of January Reel D Hoedown
El Rancho Grande Other G Choice
Faded Love Other D Choice
Fiddle Boy Other D Choice
Fiddler's (Devil's) Dream Hoedown A Hoedown
Fisher's Hornpipe D Hoedown
Flop-Eared Mule Hoedown D Hoedown
Florida Blues D Choice
Flowers of Edinburgh Reel G Hoedown
Forked Deer Hoedown D Hoedown
Fort Worth Rag F Choice
From the New World (Mvmt II) Other E Choice
From the New World (Mvmt IV) Other Am Choice
Girl I Left Behind Me Hoedown G Hoedown
Goin' Places Hoedown F Hoedown
Golden Slippers Hoedown G Hoedown
Golden Slippers Hoedown D Hoedown
Green Willis Hoedown D Hoedown
Grey Eagle Hoedown A Hoedown
Growling Old Man Reel A Hoedown
Gypsy Fantastic Other Dm Choice
Harvest Home Hornpipe D Hoedown
Haste to the Wedding Jig D Choice
Hell Among the Yearlings Hoedown D Hoedown
Herman's Rag C Choice
Herman's Hornpipe D Hoedown
Hob Dye Hoedown G Hoedown
Hotfoot Hoedown C Hoedown
I Don't Love Nobody (A) Other A Choice
I Don't Love Nobody (C) Other C Choice
In the Summertime Other D Choice
Irish Washerwoman Jig G Choice
Jack of Diamonds Hoedown A Hoedown
Jenny Lind Polka D Choice
John Ryan's Polka D Choice
Johnny Has Gone for a Soldier Hoedown A Hoedown
Joys of Quebec Reel A Hoedown
Kansas City Rag D Choice
Kerry Polka D Choice
Kincora Jig G Choice
Kingdom Coming (Year of Jubilo) Hoedown D Hoedown
Kitchen Girl Reel A Hoedown
Leather Britches Hoedown G Hoedown
Liberty Hoedown D Hoedown
Limerock Hoedown A Hoedown
Little Bit of Swing Swing E Choice
Little Dutch Girl Hoedown A Hoedown
Little Rabbit Hoedown A Hoedown
Little Rock Getaway Other Bb Choice
Liza JAne Hoedown A Hoedown
Lost Goose Hoedown A Hoedown
Mike's Hornpipe G Hoedown
Mississippi Sawyer Hoedown D Hoedown
Molto Perpetual Other A Choice
Nixon's Farewell Hoedown D Hoedown
Off She Goes Jig D Choice
Oh! Susanna Hoedown A Hoedown
Oh, Lady Be Good Swing G Choice
Oklahoma Other A Choice
Old Joe Clark Hoedown A Hoedown
Old Mother Flanagan Hoedown G Hoedown
Over the Hills and Far Away Other D Choice
Over the Waterfall Reel D Hoedown
Panhandle Rag D Choice
Peaches and Honey Hoedown D Hoedown
Pig Ankle Rag D Choice
Prosperity Special Hoedown C Hoedown
Ragtime Annie Other D Chioce
Red Haired Boy Hoedown A Hoedown
Red WIng OTher G Choice
Richmond Polka D Choice
Road to Lisdoonvarna Jig Em Choice
Robinson County Hoedown D Hoedown
Rock 'n' Roll Other D Choice
Rock the Cradle Joe Hoedown D Hoedown
Rocky Mountain Goat Hoedown D Hoedown
Sailor's Hornpipe G Hoedown
Saint Anne's Reel D Hoedown
Sally Ann Hoedown A Hoedown
Sally Goodin' Hoedown A Hoedown
Sally Johnson Hoedown G Hoedown
Salt Creek Hoedown A Hoedown
San Antonio Rose Swing G Choice
Santa Anna's Retreat Hoedown Am Hoedown
Say Old Man (Lady's Fancy) Hoedown E Hoedown
Shenandoah Other E Choice
Shuckin' the Bush (Chuck in...) Hoedown A Hoedown
Snow Deer Hoedown G Hoedown
Soldier's Joy Hoedown D Hoedown
Song of the Liberty Bell Other G Choice
Soppin' the Gravy Hoedown D Hoedown
Staten Island Hornpipe D Hoedown
Stepp Down Hoedown D Hoedown
Stone's Rag C Choice
Sweet Betsy from Pike Hoedown C Hoedown
Sweet Georgia Brown Swing F Choice
Take Me Back to Georgia Hoedown C Hoedown
Tar River Hoedown A Hoedown
Tater Patch Hoedown A Hoedown
Temperance Reel G Hoedown
Tennesse Wagoner Hoedown C Hoedown
Texas Hoedown A Hoedown
Texas Lone Star Rag C Choice
Tom and Jerry Hoedown A Hoedown
Topeka Polka Bb Choice
Tugboat Hoedown G Hoedown
Turkey in the Straw Hoedown G Hoedown
Twelfth Street Rag C Choice
Twinkle, Little Star Other G Choice
Under the Double Eagle Hoedown C Hoedown
Walking in the Parlor Hoedown D Hoedown
Waynesboro Reel G Hoedown
Western Country (Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss) Hoedown D Hoedown
Westward Journey Hoedown D Hoedown
When the Saints Go Marching In Hoedown A Hoedown
Whiskey Before Breakfast Hoedown D Hoedown
Wild Fiddler's Rag G Choice
Wild John Hoedown C Hoedown
Wildwood Flower Hoedown G Hoedown
World Turned Upside Down, The Hoedown G Hoedown

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