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New Applicants

Tulsa State Fair Online Vendor Application for Commercial Vendor & Concessionaire Space Rental 

Thank you for your interest in exhibiting at the Tulsa State Fair.  All applicants must be of eighteen (18) years of age or older to apply for participation in the Tulsa State Fair.  Please review these instructions before completing the application.  This application is neither an offer nor a guarantee of space.  If you have further questions please contact Marilyn Herman, (918) 744-1113, ext. 2100.

Incomplete Applications will not be considered:

  1. All questions on this application must be completely answered.
  2. Provide accurate information, as it will be the sole representation of your business for the selection process.
  3. Submit a photograph of your booth or concession trailer. You will be able to upload a photograph on the third page of this application.
  4. Please include total footprint of display. Concession trailers must include hitch if not removable, awnings extended and storage behind trailer (No stock trucks will be allowed to park on the midway).
  5. Reviewing process will begin in March; all applications will be reviewed according to the following guidelines: product diversity, product presentation, quality, previous experience, space and product availability.
  6. If a lease agreement is issued, fair management will determine your location. Location(s) are based on the overall dimensions of the display, utilities required, use of microphone, type of product or service.
  7. You will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours stating that your application has been received in the Commercial Space Sales Office. If submitted over a weekend, please allow for the following Monday.
  8. Applications will be accepted through opening day of the Tulsa State Fair.
  9. Definitions:
    • Commercial Space - any booth that offers a service, information or sells merchandise
    • Concession Space - any booth which sells food and/or beverage
    • Bulk Space - any area over 1,200 square feet; limited locations
  10. Rates:
    • Commercial space outdoors on the Independent Midway is $91.00 per front foot; please add an additional $50.00 per 5 foot increment in depth after 10 feet
      Example:  10' frontage x 10' depth rental fee is $910.00
                        10' frontage x 15' depth rental fee is $960.00
    • Commercial space indoors is $97.50 per front foot; please add an additional $50.00 per 5 foot increment in depth after 10 feet
      Example:  10' frontage x 10' depth rental fee is $975.00
                        10' frontage x 15' depth rental fee is $1,025.00
    • Concession space is $65.00 per front foot with a minimum of 10 feet
      Example:  10' frontage x 10' depth rental fee $650.00
                        10' frontage x 15' depth rental fee $650.00
    • Bulk Rate:
      Square Feet Rate per Square Foot
      1,201 - 1,399 $2.65
      1,400 - 2,249 $2.35
      2,250 - 3,999 $2.25
      4,000 & Up    $2.15
    • Additional Information:
      • Corner locations are an additional $100.00 per corner; this does not apply to concessionaires
      • All concessionaires pay a percentage of their sales after meeting their guarantee
      • Guarantee is determined by booth rental divided by percentage
      • Percentage rates are 20% and 25% depending upon location
      • No special rates for non-profit organizations
      • No propane usage allowed in the Commercial Buildings
      • Please contact the Commercial Space Sales Office for rate quotes on Independent rides, games, novelties, rentals and Extreme rides

Application Form

By accessing to form you are stating that you have read and understand the rules above.

We are accepting Commercial Vendor applications only; Concession space is not available.

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